How to clean a Shag Rug?

How to clean a Shag Rug?


Planning to buy a new rug and the essential tools to clean the same rug? Worry not! Read the Shag Rug Cleaning Tips below to understand the easy procedure to clean a rug and enjoy all the lavish out of it!


A soft shag rug is a great decorative accent for the living room or a family area. In addition to being a fantastic alternative to the frigid hardness of tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring, they are also perfect for toddlers who like to play on the floor or stretch out while watching TV.

Shag carpets, due to the long fibers, are generally susceptible to soiling and flattening when subjected to heavy foot traffic and are best suited for medium- to low-traffic rooms in the house. To maintain the Fluffy rugs and get rid of dust and debris, a shag rug that is frequently used should ideally be vacuumed every a few days. Vacuuming the rug is only required once or twice every week. Contrarily, deep cleansing should be done once a month or more often if necessary. Read below for further information on Shag Rug Cleaning Tips


When should you clean your Shag Rug? 


Shag rugs have a thick, plush pile that feels soft and cozy underfoot. The long fibers of shag rugs can help insulate a room and keep it warm during colder months. These rugs can be practical in certain situations by hiding stains and wear. 

Shag rugs with long, thick piles can sometimes hide dust and stains, as the fibers can trap dirt and debris deep within the pile. It's important to note that while shag rugs may be able to hide dust and stains to some extent, this is not a substitute for regular cleaning. Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the fibers of a shag rug, and if left uncleaned, this can lead to odors, discoloration, and even damage to the rug fibers. 

Regular vacuuming and sweeping are necessities for keeping the long fibers of thick shag carpeting looking their best after foot traffic. 


Some of the Shag Rug Maintenance tips are:

  • It is essential that your Shag Rug Cleaning is done at least twice weekly to ensure Shag Rug Care. 
  • Stains can be avoided by immediately treating the affected area after an accident occurs. 
  • The rug should be given a dry bath once a month, and a more thorough cleaning, such as vacuuming the rear of the rug, should be planned for once a month.
  • The shag carpeting should be steam cleaned once or twice a year.


Best Way to Clean a Shag Rug: Cleaning and Vacuuming


Consider choosing a shag rug with a stain-resistant coating or applying a stain-resistant treatment yourself to help prevent stains from setting in. All of our shag rugs from Cozy Rugs are already stain resistant, which can be beneficial for maintaining their appearance and longevity.


1. Cleaning a Shag Rug


This can be a bit more challenging than other types of rugs because of the long pile, but with the proper techniques and tools, it is possible to keep your shag rug looking clean and fresh. Here are some steps you can follow on how to clean a polyester shaggy rug:

  • Vacuum the rug regularly.

    Dust, dirt, and debris may be extracted from the rug's fibres with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a revolving brush. Vacuum in all directions to loosen and lift the pile, but go easy on the vacuum's suction to prevent hurting the fibres.

  • Spot clean spills and stains

    If you spill something on the rug, clean it immediately to prevent it from soaking into the fibers. Blot the spill with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel, and then use a mild dish soap and water solution to clean the area. Rinse with water and blot dry.

  • Deep clean the rug

    If your polyester shag rug is particularly dirty or stained, you may need to clean it deep using a steam cleaner or professional rug cleaning service. In terms of maintenance, please refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer. Rugs are delicate, so it's important to test cleaning products on a small, inconspicuous area. The long, fluffy fibers of a shag rug can provide a cozy and inviting feel to a room, but they can also trap dust, pet hair, and other particles that can be difficult to remove with a regular vacuum. Some of the other Shag Rug Cleaning Techniques are mentioned below. Follow the techniques to deep clean a shag rug and maintain the Plush Shag Rug. 


2. Shaking the Rug


One of the easiest ways of cleaning the shag rug would be to gather the rug, take it outside, and shake it properly to remove any accumulated dirt on the rug. You can further hang the rug on a porch or a deck railing and use a mop or a broom to beat the rug and remove any other dirt particles. 


3. Vacuuming the Shag Rug


Shag rugs need regular vacuuming — once a day at the very least. For cleaning shag rugs and carpets, a canister cleaner is the most effective option. In order to achieve the best results when vacuuming a shag rug, it is recommended that you either use the upholstery adapter or set your vacuum to the high-pile carpet setting. However, when cleaning with an upright vacuum, the beater bar should only be used on dense shag rugs. There is a risk that the beating bar will ruin the softness of the fibers.

At least once a month, vacuum the rug's surface as usual, and then turn it over and vacuum the underside to remove any embedded dirt. For this task, re-engage the beater bar and switch to the low-pile vacuum option.

Here are some steps you can follow to vacuum a shag rug:

  • Adjust the vacuum cleaner's height.

    Most vacuum cleaners have adjustable heights that allow you to raise or lower the vacuum head. For shag rugs, it's essential to adjust the vacuum head to the highest setting to avoid damaging the fibers. Or you can turn off the rotating brush roll. Instead of using the brush roll, you can use the vacuum cleaner's suction function to remove dirt and debris from the rug's surface. Move the vacuum cleaner slowly and use a light touch to avoid damaging the fibers.

  • Remove loose dirt

    Before vacuuming, use a soft-bristled brush or your hands to remove any loose dirt, debris, or other surprises from the rug's piles. This will help prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting clogged and ensure the rug is cleaned thoroughly.

  • Vacuum the rug

    Once you have removed any loose dirt, you can start vacuuming the rug. Use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush to lift and loosen the pile, and vacuum in all directions to thoroughly clean the fibers.

  • Be gentle

    When vacuuming a shag rug, it's essential to be gentle to avoid damaging the fibers. Move the vacuum cleaner slowly and use a light touch to prevent the brush from getting caught in the pile.


4. Treat the Stains


Ensure to clean up any spill stains quickly, be it juice or wine. The stain will become much more difficult to remove the longer you delay. Here are a few Shag Rug Stains Removal tips: 

  • Use a microfiber cloth or paper napkins to absorb liquids.
  • Solidified dirt or food can be removed with a spoon.
  • Wet a cloth with water and distilled white vinegar (1:1), then blot the stain.
  • If the discoloration is particularly stubborn, you can turn the rug over and scrub it with dish soap and warm water. After that, use a wet towel with warm water to blot the stain.
  • Dry the carpet by hanging it after removing excess water and cleaning any stains.


5. Give your Rug a Dry Bath


Toss the rug into a tub of dry air and wash it. Select a dry cleaner that is appropriate for your rug's substance. For wool rugs, for instance, it is essential only to use a dry shampoo that's suitable for use on wool. The dirty carpeting can be cleaned with a bit of dry rug shampoo.

  • Carpet brushes can help work dry shampoo intensely into rugs.
  • The dry shampoo particles can be removed by vacuuming the area.
  • Since shag carpets are so dense, you should go for steam Cleaning a Shag Rug on the dirtiest areas. Shag carpets can benefit significantly from being steam cleaned once or twice yearly. Steam cleaners can be purchased or rented.
  • The front and rear sides of the rug should be vacuumed.
  • Cover the tarp with the blanket.
  • You can steam clean the carpeting if you follow the instructions with your steam cleaner.
  • After cleaning, you can hang it for drying.

Following these steps can help keep your shag rug looking clean and fresh.


Regular Maintenance of your Shag Rug


Regularly maintaining your shag rug is the key to keeping it looking its best. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential to keep your shag rug looking clean and fresh. In addition, if you choose to use a shag rug in a high-traffic area or if you have pets or children, it's essential to be vigilant about cleaning up spills and messes as soon as possible, as these can be more difficult to remove from a shag rug. 

Also, weekly vacuuming is recommended to maintain the carpet's upright strands. Areas with a lot of foot activity may require daily vacuuming. Set your vacuum to its highest setting or use the upholstery adapter so that it exerts as little force as possible when cleaning the fibers. A hand vacuum is sufficient for picking up the odd crumb or dry spill. Fluffing the rug's strands with a rake or comb is a must.




Shag area rugs are indeed an excellent way to add warmth to any room and a stylish touch to any design scheme. When properly maintained, shag carpeting may survive for many years. Either use the above-described techniques to clean your rug or opt for Professional Shag Rug Cleaning. 


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