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Cozy Rugs' wide selection of contemporary rugs provides you the freedom to create home you have always envisioned. #1 rated rug store in Chicago.


Founded in 2002, Cozy Rugs is the oldest and biggest exporter of machine woven area rugs from Turkey to the United States. Back in 2002, we pioneered our first warehouse store in Addison and then in Morton Grove, Illinois, and it was a great success. Three years later, we opened our retail store in the Chicago Lincoln Park neighborhood. As of today, Cozy Rugs sells a huge range of beautifully designed modern area rugs at great prices. In addition to contemporary designs, Cozy Rugs also carries traditional, transitional, oriental, shag, solid/neutral-colored rugs and hallway runners.


In order to maintain factory direct pricing, we have been able to eliminate the middlemen by working directly with our family rug manufacturer in Turkey since our establishment. As a result, we have thousands of area rugs available in stock and ready to be purchased with no waiting time.


At Cozy Rugs, we proudly stand behind our rugs. When you shop with us, we will make your life easier. You do not have to worry about common rug problems such as: shedding, rugs flattening or stains won’t come off. We understand “Shedding” is an overwhelming concern and problem. Since our rugs are machine woven by creation of knots from the finest heat-set and/or freeze fibers in dense construction, you have no worries about shedding. If your new rug sheds in the beginning, most likely the problem will continue regardless how much you vacuum. This is what makes our rugs unique and practical, because they do not shed even for the first time.


There is a very common strategy among many rug stores in America. They deceive customers by using false advertisements such as “70% Discount”, “Blowout Sale” and “Store Closing Clearance.” Their retail strategy is the same: discount their products all year round. It is clear that they mark up the original prices to begin with. Even sales prices are really daily regular prices in camouflage. We have been asked by a lot of people why we are different. The answer is actually really simple, because we've aligned the Cozy Rugs around one philosophy: honesty by providing the best customer service, best solutions for customer’s needs and best price possible. We add this philosophy our passion and constant urge for quality and long term support. That’s why we have ever growing loyal customer base now and that’s how we stand out from the crowd.


We have what you always dreamed of but never thought was possible.


Please come in and browse the largest rug selection in Chicago!


Lincoln Park Showroom


1633 N Clybourn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri:  10:00-7:00
Saturday: 11:00-6:00
Sunday:   11:00-6:00


(312) 280-0118